Volunteer With Us 
Mark your calendars - the dates for the 2015 Spring & Summer programs  are set and the online application has been launched!  
If you are interested in applying in 2015, please follow these steps:
1. Read more about our 2015 Programs by selecting the appropriate program link below
2. Read the AYUDA Application Guide completely.
3. Ready to Apply?  Click here!
Though our application deadline has passed, there may still be opportunities! Please click here if you are interested in our 2015 programs in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Haiti (April 4th - April 12th, 2015)
Ganémosle (May 30 - June 8, 2015)
Campo Amigo Dominicano (June 20 - July 8, 2015)
World Diabetes Day Program (November 7 - November 16th, 2014; 2015 dates TBD)