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The application deadline for our 2014 Spring and Summer Programs has now passed.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about possible spaces that might open up.
Apply for our World Diabetes Day program happening in the DR in November today! Deadline is August 30th.  Click here to learn more.

If you are interested in applying in 2014, please follow these steps:
1. Read more about our 2014 Programs below
2. Read the AYUDA Application Guide completely.

Please note that additional Programs for 2014 in Ecuador are currently under consideration. Check back for updates! Sign up for our volunteer mail list to ensure that you stay updated!
Upcoming Programs:
Pilot Program - April 21st - 28th 2014 Application deadline passed
AYUDA began its involvement in Haiti supporting the first-ever diabetes education camp for young people living with Type 1 diabetes in Haiti back in February 2012. The camp was coordinated by local diabetes organization FHADIMAC, based in Port-au-Prince.  Since then AYUDA has facilitated an international exchange program for youth with Type 1 diabetes in Haiti and neighboring Dominican Republic.  After nearly two years of ground work, AYUDA is now in a position to pilot it's first volunteer program in the country. Available to experienced volunteers only. Click here to read more
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Ganémosle Volunteer Program - May 24th - June 2nd 2014 (dates subject to change) Application deadline passed
Volunteers will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working on a national grassroots public awareness campaign and fitness event to be held in the nation’s capital, Santo Domingo. We are seeking volunteers who are passionate about being part of a grassroots diabetes exercise movement abroad, and in doing so changing the way the public views diabetes.

Campo Amigo Dominicano Volunteer Program - June 22nd to July 11th (dates subject to change) Application deadline passed
In this three-week long intensive program, accepted volunteers, led by AYUDA staff, will work closely with AAV local staff, medical students and rising youth leaders to plan and implement community outreach projects. These projects will motivate and support young people with diabetes, as well as their families. In addition, the team will work together to run Campo Amigo Dominicano, a weekend diabetes education family program. Click here to read more
World Diabetes Day DR Volunteer Program - November 7th to Novembe 16th (dates subject to change)
This year, 2014, will mark the second year we will be running this program which reached over 1000 students in it’s pilot year. During this program volunteers will work closely in conjunction with our partners in Santo Domingo, Aprendiendo a Vivir to provide health education sessions to Dominican students on the subject of diabetes and healthy living. The program will include diabetes outreach to San Pedro de Macorís, a town 90 minutes outside of the capital with a considerable diabetes population.


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