2016 Volunteer Requirements and Expectations
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Application Process
Although there is a specfic application deadline, applications are reviewed and interviews granted on a rolling basis. If you wait until last minute to apply there may not be adequate time to coordinate an in-person interview prior to the selection meeting. It is highly recommended that applications be submitted as soon as is possible.

Required for Application:
  • Complete entire Application Form
  • Pay the $35 Application Fee
  • Full CV/Resume
  • References
For more on the Application Process, please visit our Application Guide
  • Minimum age: 16
  • All education levels can apply (from high school students to medical professionals)
  • All backgrounds
  • No prior diabetes knowledge required
  • Intermediate Spanish* see details below
  • Must fulfill specific program requirements – (please see program pages for specific requirements of programs including skill sets and fundraising requirements)



  AYUDA’s selection criteria are based on individuals who are:

  • broadly and passionately interested in the questions AYUDA addresses, and the short and long-term change it seeks
  • adaptable, self-motivated and outgoing of the highest moral character and integrity
  • team players who are highly collegial
  • willing to rejoice and receive benefit from seeing others succeed
  • interested in gaining cultural understanding and have multicultural outlook
  • social innovators – demonstrating interest in social issues and working for solutions

Specific Qualifications:

  • Should have at least intermediate Spanish proficiency (some additional training and support may be provided)
  • An interest in working with children and youth
  • Ability to make weekly commitment to AYUDA starting immediately after acceptance

Each AYUDA volunteer is expected to do the following:
  • Uphold program approach by respecting local partners as primary stakeholders
  • Value cultural understanding in learning
  • Understand and uphold program safety policies/protocols
  • Serve as staff during camp uphold the local responsibilities that accompany the role
  • Participate in diabetes outreach and uphold the local responsibilities that accompany the role
  • Communicate any concerns to AYUDA Volunteer Mentors or staff
  • Evaluate Volunteer Training Program and In-country Program
  • Represent AYUDA at all times, uphold AYUDA values, principles and work ethic
Volunteers will work to support AYUDA’s partner organization in conjunction with local youth leaders and medical students. At the camp, AYUDA volunteers can serve as:
- Counselors (ages 5-18) (girls and boys)
- Medical Staff (MD, CDE, RN)
- Nutrition Staff
Other roles may vary.  Please see program pages for specific descriptions.
Language Requirements
Preferred: Intermediate Level of Spanish or more advanced [INTERMEDIATE: Medium vocabulary, some tense variation, simple oral communication in practical situations]

Fundraising Requirements:

The 2016 Fundraising Requirments are as follows:

Ganemosle: $4,850 ($4750 due May 28 2016, $100 due September 1 2016)
Campo Amigo Dominicano: $6,500 ($6400 due June 10 2016, $100 due September 1 2016)
En El Camino: $5,550 ($5,400 due July 1, 2016, $100 due September 1 2016)

This excludes flight costs to DC and the Dominican Republic. Once volunteers have reached their fundraising commitment, they may use their fundraising page to raise funds for their flights.  AYUDA will reimburse up to $1,000 with proper documentation.

What is Covered by Your Fundraising
Volunteer Training Program (VTP) in DC
- Full VTP Summit (including training, sessions from speakers and local partners)
- Accommodation for 2 nights of Summit
- Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
- Cultural Training Program
- Outreach Training
- Diabetes outreach projects
- Pre-camp training
- Campo Amigo Dominicano
- Pick up & drop off at airport
- Accommodation, breakfast
- Some group meals
- All project related accommodation & transport costs
- Funds invested in local projects

What Is Not Covered by your Fundraising
Volunteer Training Program (VTP) in DC
- Travel to and from the VTP in Washington, DC (click here for more information)

- Travel to/from the Dominican Republic***(reimbursement available post program if you chose to fundraising for travel via the website)
- Travel insurance
- International health & emergency evacuation insurance
- Petty Cash for some meals, entertainment, gifts 
- Recommended in DC: $50
- Recommended for Santo Domingo: $400+

Safety and Wellness Concerns
Safety & Wellness training will be given to all volunteers.
The following documents and information will be asked of from all volunteers.
- Provide proof/copy of valid passport and VISA with a minimum of 6 months remaining from in country arrival(if applicable for some non-US citizens)
- Provide copies of travel itineraries to AYUDA prior to departure for VTP and Dominican Republic
- Complete emergency contact information prior to participation in VTP
- Complete Health & Wellness questionnaire prior to participation in VTP
- Obtain and demonstrate proof of traveler’s insurance (AYUDA will provide volunteers with list of recommendations)
- Obtain and demonstrate proof of travel health insurance and emergency evacuation insurance
- Consent to online criminal background check once accepted to volunteer with AYUDA (fees will be covered by AYUDA)
- Adhere to AYUDA principles

Resources For Parents
Prior to leaving for in-country trips, AYUDA will coordinate a call for parents to help address questions and concerns about their children traveling abroad.  These calls are typically lead by parents of returning or former volunteers and volunteer mentors.  We will also create an email list for parents to speak to each other.  For more information for parents, please see our Info for Parents Section of the website.