We are so grateful to the AYUDA volunteers who have agreed to share their experiences as volunteers with us. You can read all of the blogs on our tumblr page. We will update posts as they are available! 


2017 Volunteer Bloggers


IMG 0423

Peninah Benjamin
Campo Amigo 2017 Blog
Campo Amigo Video

Katie Bieber Campo 2017

Katie Bieber



Casey Costello Campo 2017

Casey Costello



Francesca Campo 2017

Francesca Davis



Nikhita Gopisetty
The Beginning of a Passion
En El Camino Program Recap

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 Isabella Hartley
The Warmest Welcome 
A Two-Sided Assistance


Arianna Heashot


 Arianna Tuomey
Ready for Another Great Campo Amigo!


Emma Zgonc Photo

Emma Zgonc
The VTP Summit


2016 Volunteer Bloggers


Emma Burke


Emma Burke
My Journey with AYUDA


Will Epperson


Will Epperson
2016 Recap

Cassie Feeney Headshot


Cassie Feeney
Super Excited!


Cooper Photo


Cooper Obianwu
Opening Doors: A Diploma and Diagnosis
My Journey with AYUDA

Arianna Heashot


Arianna Tuomey
Flying During Finals
Thank you AYUDA!

Emma Zgonc Photo

Emma Zgonc
A Global Connection
Thank you! 



2015 Volunteer Bloggers


Sara Mian-McCarthy
My Haiti Education
Starting my Journey with AYUDA



Kelsey Luchey
Connecting with My Community

will epperson
Will Epperson

A Lucky Search
AYUDA 2015

Melanie Goldring

Lasting Lessons



Benno Schmidt
Emmy Nominated TV host and Reporter at dLife visited Haiti with AYUDA this past spring. He made some videos of his experiences you can see here

Peninah Benjamin
Campo Amigo 2015


2014 Volunteer Bloggers 


Randy Perillo
Something New for an Experienced Volunteer


Catherine Karlik

Peninah Benjamin
Can't Wait

Robin Ball

Robin Ball
Thank you Forever

Jessica Lyman
Embracing What's Next
Gaining Momentum

Ashley Morse
May 11th

Shashi Mostafa
Finding Out Who I Am