Volunteering with AYUDA changed my perspective on life.  Seeing the children at Campo Amigo—some of whom do not even have access to a proper supply of insulin at home—has challenged me to take full advantage of the tools and resources I have available in my diabetes care and life overall.
Seeing the lack of education across the globe, however, from the underprivileged of Ecuador to the developed country of Bermuda, about the reality and challenge of living with diabetes has inspired me to not waste my knowledge and understanding."
Caitlin Valentino
Returning volunteers will be expected to take on new roles of leadership and play a more pivotal role in the mentorship of new volunteers and the administration of the Country Program in which they are participating.  A returning volunteer is able to apply for different leadership roles specific to the program in which the returning volunteer wishes to participate.
Returning Volunteer
Applications for returning volunteers:
Expect a slightly different application process.  Though the application is shorter, it focuses on your achievements in past programs, interactions and goals with AYUDA throughout the whole year, and your reflections on your role within the volunteer program.
The applicant pool gets more and more competitive every year, so please put your best effort into answering the questions thoughtfully. Demonstrate your commitment and passion, and give concrete ideas on how you will contribute to the team's success.
Every year, AYUDA’s applicant pool becomes increasingly selective.  We try to balance our team based on program needs and team dynamics, and for this reason, we may suggest that you consider a different program better suited to your skill set or place you on a waiting list.
Once you have submitted your complete application:
You will be contacted for a phone interview
You may be invited to participate in a group interview in your local area
Experienced Volunteers, Volunteer Mentors & Volunteer Mentors-in-training

Volunteer retention is an important goal for AYUDA. Not only is it to key to the success of our programs in-country (our partners and the communities we serve benefit from working with familiar faces) but it provides an avenue of growth for volunteers within the organization. Increasingly, AYUDA aims to find new ways for experienced volunteers to support us in-country in positions of increasing responsibility (according to individual skill-sets) both within and outside our traditional volunteer programs. 


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