In-Kind Donations
AYUDA seeks donations of certain medical supplies, diabetes supplies, program supplies, office supplies and more.
If you decide to make an in-kind donation, please contact the AYUDA office to let us know what you would like to donate.
Diabetes Supplies:
With programs running throughout the year, we are able to accept donations from individuals, business, other nonprofit organizations, and camps.
We can accept the following diabetes supplies:
Insulins:  Lantus/Levemir; NPH, Rapid/Regular; Humalog/Novolog/Apidra
Glucagon, gel
Glucometers (blood sugar meters) & strips
Single use safety lancets
Safety supplies: biohazard trash bins and bags, alcohol, needle clippers, gloves,  etc.
Watch batteries for glucometers
Pump supplies
Program Materials:
The following is a list of materials, though it is not exhaustive:
Sports equipment (balls, pump, jump-ropes, Frisbees, etc)
Arts & crafts materials (paper, glue, scissors, markers, paints, etc)
Give-away materials (hats, t-shirts, samples, toys, etc)
Office supplies (printer paper, printer/ink, ziplocs, rubber bands, etc)
Camping equipment, flashlights, batteries
Event activity materials (costumes, wigs, goofy clothes, facepaint, water balloons, etc)
Computer Equipment and Office Supplies:
The following is a list of materials, though it is not exhaustive:
Laptops, desktops and laser printers
Unlocked (international) cell phones
Your Fundraising Events & Campaigns:
Fundraising lies at the heart of our ability to recruit skilled volunteers and operate our unique programs.
Please contact us if you are interested in:
Hosting an event, party or benefit
Competing in a marathon or other sporting event and would like to do a fundraising campaign for the event and raise money for AYUDA
Create a personal AYUDA fundraising webpage
Join one of our fundraising & event committees





If you are interested in donating diabetes supplies or other in-kind materials please email us directly to see whether we can meaningfully use the items you have in mind. Thank you.